EID100: Week One

  1. Kicking off this semester’s EID100 course, we discussed interoperability, social media and personal branding. We also looked into the concept of The Internet of Things. As today’s society continues to grow online, digital technology is the way of the present and will only be getting stronger in the future.
  2. Some people believed that the idea of the Internet of Things was just being hyped up, but it has become a reality.
  3. The Internet has become second-nature to today’s society, especially for us growing up in the Google generation. We have been documenting our every moments and sharing them with the world at the click of a button with the social media phenomenon. Social media has especially opened so many doors in every industry and has allowed businesses to expand their reach and gain new audiences.
  4. You can find everything and anything online these days, including yourself. With a quick Google search of your name, you can find all sorts of information that you may have published to the world wide web. Thus, the importance of making sure it is information that you want to be seen. This is where you become a brand and personal branding is key.
  5. Here’s a really interesting video showing how we are now in Generation U, where social media has replaced mass media and personalized marketing has replaced mass marketing.
  6. When trying to create these online profiles, it’s interesting to look
    into how to handle maintaining your personal life and professional life. So with the increase of online identities and the importance of making yourself stand out as a brand, what would be the best way to get noticed? How will you take your own personal brand to the next level?

One thought on “EID100: Week One

  1. Awesome post, Christina. I noticed your emphasis on personal branding. You recognize that any information put ‘out there’ is available for you to search – but more importantly, for someone ELSE to search! That highlights the existence of personal data aggregators like Spokeo. So, i guess the first way to building a personal brand is make sure your reputation isn’t tarnished before you’ve even started. A simple search on Spokeo allows anyone to identify information that’s available to the world wide web. See more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF39s65UI0E

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